Feb challenge: pen and watercolor | Skillshare Projects

Maria Johanna C.

Design Student



Feb challenge: pen and watercolor

Hello! I've been loving this classes and the workshop was amazing, I'm a little late uploading what I've made but here I am! I am very thankful our teacher Ria to make us realize that we can do art as long as we want to and stay commited, she has been a big inspiration for me to believe in my potential and to dare to explore and experiment with new medias and tools. My dare during this workshop was to use a pen to draw (one of the things I am a little bit afraid of is mistakes, pen is permanent so I had to live with mit) and to use many many colors (I used to work in shades of grays only), was a real challenge for me and I loved to see what my artworks end up looking.

Day 1: Roots


I'll upload more days right away!



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