Feathers | Skillshare Projects


First of all, thank you very much Elizabeth for the fantastic class. I really enjoyed it.

Here is my project. It's my 3rd attempt, I didn't like how my sketches were looking in Illustrator. Maybe because I don't have an iPad so I traced my doodles in Illustrator with a Wacom pen, or maybe because I am not good enough in AI, so I drew my feathers with a Pentel ink brush, edited them in PS and imported in AI.

I like the result better.

Apparently feathers are very popular, but I like the lightness in them, the fact that they come in many shapes sizes and colours, so I chose to draw them.

I didn't do a moodboard either, I mainly sketch during my commuting hours, so I prefer to have a Pinterest secret board for my projects, that I can watch from my iPhone on the go.

This is not a collection, but I find that this pattern has different moods with different backgrounds.

So here they are

Thank you for watching!




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