Feathers - student project

I practiced these feathers a lot.  I would say that I need to practice them a lot more.  I kept trying different brushes I had and finally settled on two that were some of the cheapest brushes I had and used to belong to my Uncle who used them for pottery.  I also had a couple of riggers that were also from my Uncle's collection.

I can't "flick" for the life of me - I had to learn how to use a rigger and make really light, long lines.  I also had to learn to slow down.  I too often think fast is equal to confident and it isn't - at least for me.  Slowing down and learning to do what the painting requires is my current lesson.  

I also need to learn to paint "lighter".  I'm too heavy handed with the paint in my mind.  It is also very warm here and I found my paint got "gummy" which caused it to dry and not move.  Learned a lot from this class.

Feathers - image 1 - student project



Background - whatever was on the tile I had on the desk - probably a combination of Cascade Green and a Phalo Turquoise (I have a 6x6 white ceramic tile on my desk that I use as a palette and a place to scrap excess paint from a tube.  I often can't remember what the colors are on it, but it is a useful palette when experimenting.

Feathers - Shadow Violet, Aussie Red Gold, Burgundy Yellow Ochre

Victoria Johnston
Explorer - pixels, paint and pen