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Romica Spiegl-Jones



Feathers, Scales and Eyes Practice / Sample Project

Hi everyone,

// Intro

I'm Romica Spiegl-Jones, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. Gouache is a beautiful medium and I love to illustrate cute animals with it. This is already my 3rd class here on Skillshare and each time I interact with all of you, I feel I learn and expand my skills more. Your questions and projects give me new inspiration and insights and I really enjoy seeing your work. My wish for this class is to connect with other people who would like to learn Gouache and to build a nice community :)

// Practising Shapes - Feathers and Scales

For practising the shapes I sometimes prefer to work with a pen. After I get the motions right I use my brush. This is up to you. Here are some of my practice sketches.



// Feathers

Personally, I think I prefer the last method with the base colour and outlines. It still gives the illustration a nice finish and is much faster to paint. However, I did enjoy all three methods and wonder which one speaks to you the most.


// Scales

Painting scales is such a meditative task for me. I enjoy repeating the little "smiles" just to find a beautiful and easy pattern forming. The possibilities of form and colours are really exciting and I hope to see some different takes on my examples.


// Eyes & Application

Again practice with a pen. It's easy to sketch out your ideas and then start painting, especially when you are still trying to figure it out. However, this is really up to the individual. You can also start with your paintbrush to get a feeling of how it reacts to painting certain shapes.

Here I drew big round pupils for my fish and wider leaf-shaped eyes for the cat with simple dot highlights. Play around and don't let some little mishaps stop you from painting. If you don't remember the main points of a cute portrait then have a look at Gouache for Illustrators - How to paint a cute animal portrait Lesson Cuteness.



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