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Feast for the Pen

I have blog that I use as a way to vent and publish writing, sketches, comics really anythig that I feel like. I'm looking to sketch out a logo that can be used for the site, and I wanted to take this class to expand on my design and shirt knowledge. The blog is called Feast for the Pen. I was thinking an ink bottle turned upside down, and the ink left in it looks like a skull. Under the bottle would be to fountian pens crossed, instead of 2 bones.



First sketches - really rough. Playing around with the lettering too. I was working on concepts for the bottle and then went into the lettering - should have given myself more space between each bottle or moved to a new peice of paper. Live and learn!

Here is an update on my project. I finally traced it all out and added some elements to it.


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