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Fearlessly Creative


Hi there!  My name is Jess and I'm a writer.

My project title is my motto this year: to stop holding myself back, to boldly go into 2014 and be as fearlessly creative as I can be.

That's where this class comes in.  I haven't taken any kind of visual art class since 9th grade but I've always had an interest in creating something that, unlike writing, was visual.  I worked in animation for a year and a half, and realized I was curating art friends instead of curating my own visual projects.  Whie I love them dearly, I was always secretly wishing I could have fun and play in some sort of visual medium.

Then I spent four years working for a fashion company. Again I just secretly wished I had a visual outlet and could do what they did instead of crunching numbers all day.  Working with such a dynamic team of creatives rubbed off on me.  I actually got some fashion sense and to this day I eagerly await Patone's announcement of their Color of the Year.

To stay true to my motto, it meant I had to give up secretly wishing I was making art and just do it.  I love writing but I'm excited to explore creativity in a new and different way.

So here I am!

I welcome any feedback I can get - I'm really excited to be here and I'm excited to see what we all can create.

I'm working on my Pinterest and mind map right now, and as soon as I have something to share I'll post photos.  I want to think about the emotions after I know what my study is going to be.


Mind Mappage

I had a lot of fun working on my mind map after a long and very logical day at the office. I'm a Quality Assurance Analyst by day, and for me to do my job efficiently it means that over the last two years of my job I've had to learn how to code.

There's a distinct correlation between how much I learn in one day and how tired my logic brain is at the end of it.


I'm starting to think with my project that I'm going to do something either around the Elder God mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, or, as you'll be able to see in mindmap, something around the emotions that my favorite books inspire in me.

Pinterest Board

My Pinterest Board is all over the place! Although looking through it I do see some themes of colors and styles that I do like.  I'm sure I'll keep adding to it.

I added a few scenes from the film "Marie Antoinette" because that movie is like dessert for your eyeballs.



Go figure - inspiration really can strike at any moment!

Making kahlua found it's way onto my list of being fearlessly creative this year.  I was searching for labels online so I can give a few bottles away to friends, and found this beauty for our own bottle.  Now I'm thinking I may create "the many moods of Tiki" to complement a short story I wrote last year.


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