Fearless Art Drawings

Fearless Art Drawings - student project

Hello, I used digital art to make all of my drawings but for some of them I would sketch with a paper and pencil to get an idea of what I wanted to draw which was helpful to get my idea out of my head.


Fearless Art Drawings - image 1 - student project

I had originally just drawn the room with the open door but I felt like something was missing so I added the girl



Fearless Art Drawings - image 2 - student project

The original shape turned into the hair blowing in the wind almost adding to the story of the girl from the first photo



Fearless Art Drawings - image 3 - student project

I typically draw pretty slow anyways but I focused on what I was drawing in the moment and not what the overall picture would look like and it ended with this scene.

Shake it up:

Fearless Art Drawings - image 4 - student project

My immediate thought was how can I show energy so I started with the dragon and then add the girl meditating almost as a constrast.


Fearless Art Drawings - image 5 - student project

The challenge of extra space was interesting because I have basically been drawing scenes for most of these and thought to make it completely black to emphasize the empty space. This is one of my favorites from this whole series.

Metamorphosis #2:

Fearless Art Drawings - image 6 - student project

I made this one focusing on the sunset and then added the girl because I almost felt like I had to at this point.

Crowd of Creatures:

Fearless Art Drawings - image 7 - student project

I basically took the cloudwatching idea from day 2 and created a few creatures using that idea


Fearless Art Drawings - image 8 - student project

I love using the cooler colors and created this cave, it's also the one where I realized I was constraining myself by feeling a need to add the girl to every drawing.

Flatten it out:

Fearless Art Drawings - image 9 - student project

I love the idea of a blue rose and also the idea of it being on fire was intriguing. My friend said it's almost like natures fury.


Fearless Art Drawings - image 10 - student project

This was one where I started with just the thread and added the top and bottom piece but it didn't look right for some reason. Then I just flipped the entire drawing and it looked more in line with my idea.


Fearless Art Drawings - image 11 - student project

I wasn't satisfied with the second metamorphosis for a few reasons so I decided to take parts of it and change them, like the dirt road and making the girl closer, while still keeping the idea of the image.


Fearless Art Drawings - image 12 - student project

The first thing I thought of with the idea of structure was ancient buildings like Stonehenge, the Parthenon, and the Coliseum. I used those to inspire this idea of an ancient stone structure.


Take 2:

Fearless Art Drawings - image 13 - student project

The fire and water from a couple of the past drawings always seem to jump out at me so I decided to combine these two opposing elements to create these fire bubbles.


Fearless Art Drawings - image 14 - student project

I found an interesting brick wall that I recreated and a brick wall always reminds me of headshots so I decided to bring the girl back into this final drawing.


Overall this was a very fun experience and it helped me learn a lot about my approach to my art. The ability to have a prompt inspire a drawing and seeing how it inspired other people has also been very fun. I loved seeing how something would inspire me and then how it would inspire someone else in a completely different way.


Thank you!