Fearfully Made: Act III Checkpoints

Fearfully Made: Act III Checkpoints - student project


Rogan formulates escape plans A and B.

• Plan A: Rogan confronts the Sheriff with a completion report.

• Rogan vows the Sheriff will regret his refusal to grant his departure.

• Plan B: Rogan surrenders to the ghosts’ pleas.

• Plans to direct a show of his own to interrupt the outdoor performance of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

• The ghosts’ coaching fuels Rogan’s rage.



The show must go on as well as Rogan’s embarkation.

• The apparitions appear in large numbers.

• The white performers in blackface are the first casualties.

• The event ends in deadly devastation.

• Emma urges Rogan to move the children out of harm’s way.

• Some spirits rescind their threats to attack the children.

• Sheriff and henchmen accost Rogan.

• Rogan and Emma escape on an outbound train.



Years later, Rogan returns to the town square’s award ceremony.

• Subtle forms of racists practices surround the event including a protest denouncing the event.

• Rogan reconnects with a survivor of the massacre. 

• The town reveals a statue in his honor.

• A gunman aims his firearm at Rogan.

• The sculpture awakens during Rogan’s acceptance speech.