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Fearful Symmetry


Like Kristal LB, I went with something that came from the print / publication industry, though I will be taking mine from the medium of comic books. This is the center page of chapter V of the classic superhero graphic novel Watchmen. I find this page (and the whole chapter) very interesting because it took a very graphic design concept, symmetry, and implemented it not just visually but in the characters and also the layout itself.

It's titled "Fearful Symmetry" and the main focus of this chapter is the vigilante character Rorschach. He is the most obvious example of the principle, as his mask constantly changes to different variations of the Rorschach ink blot test, But then it is also utilized by the panels, laid out in such a way that the first page and the last page (as well as every corresponding pages leading up to the center) are a reflection of one another, which you can see below:


These are both the first and last pages of the chapter. Note that the first and last panel both feature the fictional store Rumrunners' logo, itself also symmetrical. And then of course we get to the center panel, which is a direct mirror both in terms of layout and content. It's also reflected in the typography, with the big, gold letter V in the background that stands for Veidt Enterprises.

That's all I have for now. I also wanted to say that I enjoyed the class. A nice summary on the different topics that comprise graphic design and gives me an idea on where to go next. Thanks.


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