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Fear is a liar

Finally decided to create my project ''fear is a liar''...don't know why I picked that quote out, maybe 'cos I'm 'fearing' this whole project since lettering is definately not my domena :) I'm first and foremost an illustrator and I've always wanted to learn more about lettering and be politely good at it :) Lol 

I'm still gathering some references but I kinda know which direction I wanna go and have a couple of ideas how I want everything to look but I had to start from the scratch in a way 'cos I was viewing this from an illustrators point of view (got the image but trying to fit the letters instead of viceversa)...slowly but I think I'm getting there, so bear with me and be kind :) Lol

Here's some of my research so far with some footnotes on each reference photo. 


So here we go, just a few really rough sketches for now. It's a bit tough for me at the moment cos I'm still on my maternity leave, at home with 2 kiddos (of which one is a 6m old baby) and I had some work I had to do for a client :) But enough with excuses...I would love to know what you think cos it would really help me. I already said, I'm a lettering newbie so any input comes really handy. I'm not sure if these are any good at all, but it's how I saw it while doing a massive. massive cross referencing! Seriously, I've never done so much while illustrating...this is a bit tough for me :) Lol   

There are bits I like in each of them, but still not sure which way to proceed! So help!!! :D Thank you all so much for all of your input-it's very appreciated!


After reading Mary Kate's comment about my concept I went on and practiced some lettering...various ones, and not to upload ALL of them (too many) here are just some I liked the most:

I wanted that Victorian look as that's something I kinda went for from the begining. I thought it would suit my project perfectly...so as suggested, I dropped those 1st letters alltogether. Then I tried a few thumbnails with the style I chose. The reason I made R in some thumbs mirrored is cos I was going for that 'lie is twisting the truth' thing :) So here they are:

As you can see I tried that version suggested where 'LIAR' is upright and 'FEAR' is it's shadow...but I kinda didn't like it in the end, I felt like it's not giving my quote that special effect. So I doodled a few more thumbs:

And I must say I really liked the outcome of the last one. It kinda had all I was aiming for...but it needed definition, I know...but the concept I really liked. So I made 2 more refined sketches of the same. I feel like I'm not hiting the mark with ' is a' letters, so bring on your comments & suggestions, they are very welcome! :D Here are the sketches:

I kinda like the ornament between 'fear' and 'liar' but I wanted to try the banner too:

And then I was kinda dissapointed with the result...so now I'm brainstorming on those :) 

I'm open to suggestions and creative ideas everyone! :) Hope I'm moving in the right direction with these!? :D Cheers everyone!


First of all THANK you to all for your feedback and comments, it really helped me to explore & try out some more variations! :) Since I'm too in love with my 2 monsters I decided I'm not compromising on those and they are staying :) lol But for real now, I really do like that part of my concept and have decided not to change that...but I decided also to give the LIAR shadow a 2nd chance, so to speak, since some of you suggested to try that out again....

and I really like the outcome! I must say tho, I almost gave up on the idea for the 2nd time cos it seemed like I wasn't able to connect them just right, and then I emailed my friend Celeste for suggestions...and she doodled on top of mine just quickly and nailed it. It's awesome I have her as a friend cos she's been there for me to close the gaps when I needed it the most! Thanx C, you're the best!!! :) As you can see I elongated the F & R in liar cos it worked better that way, and it's still readable. And Celeste's suggestion also was to keep the swirls but in different manner...I really liked that idea cos it reminded me of Burton's style and I'm a HUGE Burton fan :)

Then I tried just a slightly different version of swirls:

This version is a bit more clearer, so now I'm trying to figure out which works best! But I'm pretty much settled on the idea. When it's gonna be done in colour I think the shadow will really reach it's highlight cos I'm planning to add some light behind the monsters and fear as tho reflecting the shadow on the floor. I'm more of a colour-visual person and it's just how my illustrator mind works. :) I really hope to finish this soon, cos I've plenty of contract work for the upcoming hols and would really like to see this done before that.

Your comments are always very welcome and soon I'll post some final sketches here too!


Ok, these were suppose to be my final sketches:

I like that everything is more centered but here's the problem...the F & R are not the same distance from the monsters...the rest is, but they're not. Also by adding an extra hand to R from the monster I feel like it's too much, so I made another:

Here I really paid attention to the F& R distance, the thickness of all letters, the monsters to be centered properly and by removing that extra hand on R I feel like I've done a much better job. The only thing is that E & A are a bit off center now, but I can't have both with this tho...it's eithere-either, cos R has that belly of his and it's taking up way more space than F...so what do you think, which looks better? I'm more for this last one. Also ignore the ornament of 'is a' on this one, I know I've made a mistake by placing it too close to the LIAR shadow so I'll correct this when making my final sketch! Would really love to hear your thoughts on this! Thank you all! :)


Here's the final image after applying Mary Kate's suggestions-Mary Kate I hope that's what you thought of when commenting?! :) Lol

I actually really like it like this, and that's why it's important to have a teacher who knows their stuff so they guide you during the process-Thank you Mary Kate! If this is it...I'm looking forward to ink these bad boys soon :) 

Ps-not really sure about the ornaments tho, I prefer them without...and also not sure about 'is a'-to put them so close to the LIAR shadow or a bit above so it doesn't touch the shadow-what do you think?!


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