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Marie D'ovidio

Graphic Designer



Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This book was written by Hunter S. Thompson in the '70s. It doesn't really have a clear narrative and it's very surreal, which is something I enjoy in this story.

It basically talks about a journalist and his attorney that go for a trip to Las Vegas to report a motorcycle race (which is the least important part of the story). It's the '70s and they experience a lot of crazy drugs and it all leads to hallucinations and trips of all sorts that bring lots of very different elements in the story. The deeper storyline behind it is a critique of the 1960s counter culture and the American Dream.

I love Hunter S. Thompson's style of illustrations and type but I do want to stay away from it. I need to research it more but for now my first idea is to show this play between reality and the surreal. The idea of a journey, a road trip could also be interesting.


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