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Favorite artists

I've seem to have lost inspiration and hope through this class I can regain it and draw again like I once did before...

My favorite artists

Leonardo DaVinci,


 For modern or current artist I enjoy people like

Boris Vallejo and July Bell

Frank Frazetta

Ken Kelly

But also who could forget Disney's artists like 

Mark Davis

Justine Mara Anderson 

Briar Rose

Eyevind Earle ( one of the best animated landscapers or background illustration)

Things I like to draw

I enjoy and love the challenge of making paint, pen and ink or just pencil sketches and making then look real and life like. I like fanasty art but also i love landscaps or painting sunests or sunrises.

Things i struggle with

Body proportions... I can draw faces fairly good but with a lot of time a effort to it get it just right. And hands i can do well. Its just everything else i have a problem with getting borth arm to look right with out one being oversized or just ill-proportioned... i usally end up covering the subject in cloths or obscuring  the prats i cant do  :-s

Sketches am working on


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