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Favorite Art Periods

Update 6/23/14

I'm decided on most my drop cap sketches (circled in red), except for the Abstract Expressionism drop cap. That one may call for more free-form-ness, freestyle. Almost ready to fire up AI.

Update 6/22/14

I'm using these photos to keep me on track, give me inspiration.

Italian Renaissance (late 13th century - c. 1600 - late 15th century - late 16th century)

  • Devout (Ardent/Zealous)

— adj

1.              deeply religious; reverent

2.             sincere; earnest; heartfelt: a devout confession

[C13: from Old French devot,  from Late Latin dēvōtus,  from Latin: faithful; see devote ]

Art Deco (1920s - 1930s, France)

  • Alluring (Bewitching)

— adj

1. very attractive or tempting; enticing; seductive.

2. fascinating; charming.

Origin: 1375–1425; late Middle English aluren < Middle French alurer, equivalent to a- a-5 + lurer  to lure

Abstract Expressionism (1940s, Post WWII, United States)

  • In a Funk (Hurting/Spiritless)

— adj

1.              low in spirits; downcast; despondent

2.             Also: distressed characterized by relative economic hardship,

3.             lowered in force, intensity, or amount


Pop Art (mid-1950s, United Kingdom/United States)

  • Lively (Joy/Kinky)

— adj

1.              full of life or vigour

2.             vivacious or animated, esp when in company

3.             characterized by mental or emotional intensity; vivid

Update 6/12/14 

I got 'em! My emotions are: Devout, Alluring, In a Funk and Lively all based on some of my favorite art periods. I'm think I'm ready for my next step.


At first I struggled to come up with an idea for this project. Color theory is a discipline I grapple with, often. But I've finally got a concept for this project. I will take some of my favorite Art Periods:  The Italian Renaissance, Art Deco, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.

I have an emotion for the Italian Renaissance--Devout/Devotion. However, I need to explore emotions for the remaining periods. I hoping my mood board and some dictionary, thesaurus searching will help me with that. Still in my discovery phase. I found this link for a list of emotions, maybe it will jog an idea or two: 



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