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Faves X Trashhand Street Life

Whats up guys? My name is Dan and I'm from a small town in New Jersey. It's pretty damn miserable and uninspiring where I live, so I've made a habit of visiting New York City every once and a while to meet up with some friends I made on instagram. If anybody wants to follow me, my instagram is @faves . Some of these pictures are a bit older since I don't have the luxury of being around a big city, so bear with that. The first two shots were with a 6D, and the third with my iphone, and the last with my nikon d3200 and kit lens. 


Street Portrait

Motion blur. Kind of a copy of trashhands shot, but I like the symmetry, composition, the two flags, and how his tie matches with the red of the flags. Also this shot is staged, it was for a photo storyI did on my friend. 

Not the best lookup shot, getting the lines straight on this one killed me. 

Night shot. A little flaring up by the freedom tower, but it's whatevs.


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