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Fatherhood through a Photo Lens

A few years ago, I started writing on a blog (www.sippycupsandcufflinks.com) as a way to chronicle my adventures in fatherhood.

My personal challenge has always been to make sure the photos I post are engaging and entertaining, even to those folks who don't know my children personally.

My preference has been to use natural lighting so one of my goals in this class is to learn how to work with lighting and glean some technical knowledge regarding exposure and aperture settings.

Below, I have included images that I have shot since watching the video modules that were posted for the class and I have also included the images that serve as my Mood Board/Inspiration Board for the work I hope to produce by the conclusion of the workshop.

For the first few shots (of my son), I worked inside of my home and with photo flood lights for the first time ever.  I tried out different angles for the lights as well as using a piece of white cardboard we had lying in the utility closet to act as a simple fill card.  Also, to help him feel more comfortable with such close/tight photographs, I let him pick his own background music and chose a red hoodie since red is his favorite color.   As I said, this is my first time working with artificial lighting so I recognize that some of the images appear "washed out" and/or out of focus.  Nevertheless, I wanted to include them as I am hoping to learn how to correct these mistakes.

Although, I wanted to take some light-hearted and fun photos to capture what I see when I look at my son, he was really embarrased by the fact that he just lost both of his front teeth and didn't want to smile.  I decided to let him get comfortable at his own pace and eventually, through the use of some of his favorite music and some random knock-knock jokes, I was able to get the images that I had initially set out to create.  He may be missing his teeth but he's the most beautiful thing I have ever created.

Any and all critiques/comments would be appreciated!

- Mickey aka Mr. Cufflinks


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