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Fated To Him


Blurb: Artemisia takes a break from college to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Her mom suggests she go stay with her best friend Emily in Oregon to do just that. Little did she know that fate already had plans for her when she stumbles upon a tall, dark, and arrogant asshole named Elias.

Primary Audience: New Adult is my primary audience, particularly those who love the supernatural world and also werewolves and witches. This may appeal to fans of Teen Wolf and Witches of East End.

Note: This willc be an ongoing book on Wattpad!

Book link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/53253697-fated-to-him/parts 

Fated To Him:

Chapter 1

Emily’s POV

I knock on his office door waiting for permission to come in.” You may come in.” he finally says. “Alpha….” He looks up with an irritated look. “What is it?” he snaps at me making me flinch.

“I…I was wondering if a friend of mine…if she could stay with me for a couple of months.” I didn’t dare look him in the eyes, so I chose to stare at the floor instead. “what pack is she from?” he asks me. Still looking down I answer, “She’s not from any pack…” I notice he stiffens when I say that. “She’s human…” I whisper, scared of how he’d react.

It feels like and eternity and I cautiously look up at him through my lashes and see that he’s typing on his computer as if I’m not even there. “Very well…but she is your responsibility…”

“Yes Alpha.” I say to him. “ …and she must not know about our kind.” he says as he looks up at me with seriousness in his eyes.

“Yes Alpha…thank you Alpha!” and with that I bow my head and leave immediately.

Excited, I call my best friend Artemisia…Misa for short and let her know the good news.



“Misa!” I yelled, excitedly

“Why are you so loud?” say said annoyed

“You can come stay with me! My parents said you can stay with us!” I told her.

“Are you serious…..” am I serious…. I scoffed in my head.

“Yessssssssssss!” I tell her excitedly as can be.

“Alright I’ll start packing and will get a flight out there by the end of the week” she says, “but you do know that Apollo is going to want to come too”. She’s got a point there. Apollo, her brother is my best friend too.

“We can worry about that later… I don’t want to overwhelm my parents too much.” I say to her knowing that it was partly true. “Okay fine… I’ll figure something out with him.” After that she hangs up.

I head out the front door of the pack house and start to walk home. When we moved to the Eternal Night Pack two years ago, my family was given the choice to live in the pack house or have our own house on the territory. Obviously, you see that my parents decided that it was best if we had our own house within the territory. The pack house was only 10 minutes away from our house so we just walk back and forth.

As I get to the house I notice my mom is home early from work.

I walk in the door and see that she’s in the kitchen already preparing for dinner. “Honey do you mind cutting up the peppers for me?” she asks me.

“Why’re you preparing for dinner this early? It’s only 1:00pm.” I say to her while searching for the cutting board and a knife to cut the peppers with.

“I’m making Stew,  it has to cook longer than other meals.” she says.

“Oh okay…. So Alpha gave the okay for Misa to stay with us.” She looks up at me in shock.

“Really?” she says as she starts cutting the carrots.” I didn’t think he would allow an outsider in let alone a human on our territory” she says still shocked.

“yeah, I know, I was shocked too” I said.

“When does she get here?” she asks me.

“By the end of the week she said.” That should be enough time for us to get everything ready I thought to myself.

“Okay…. She’s going to have to get a job in town town help out around the house and be productive.” as I was about to object she gives me the look and I decided to not complain about it.

“Alright… I could go into town and see if anyone is hiring. Oh! I could ask Sophia if she could work at the salon!”

“Maybe…….keep cutting those peppers missy!” she says to me. I didn’t even notice I had stopped.

Once I finished helping my mom with dinner I head upstairs to my room.

For some odd reason I felt really tired and fell asleep the instant I touched my bed.


I wake up and see that it is 4:00pm and dinner will be ready in an hour. I take this time to call my boss Sophia and see if Misa can work at the salon while she is here.


“Hello, ‘Sophia’s Beauty Salon’ Sophia speaking” she says happily.

“Hey Sophia it’s Emily”

“Oh hello darling, what can I do for you?”

“Well my friend Misa is staying with me for a couple of months and I was wondering if she can work at the salon……but if that’s too much to ask I totally understand.” I wait for her to answer, praying she says yes.

“……Does she know how to wash and blow dry hair the right way?”

“Oh yes she does because I taught her how to wash and blow dry hair the way professionals do.” I tell her hoping that will do the trick.

“…..Very well then. When can she start?”

“Oh thank you so much! She can start on Monday” I say excitedly.

“Very well… oh and Emily…..”

“Yes Madame?”

“Don’t make me regret this.” and with that she hung up.

After the phone call with Sophia I head downstairs for dinner. Once I’m downstairs I see dad’s home from patrols. “hey dad!” he looks up from putting bread sticks on the table, “hey honey, how was your day?” he asks me. “It was good Alpha gave permission for Misa to stay with us….” He smiles and says “wow that’s great sweetheart”. Me and dad finished setting up the table and we all sit down and start eating.

Once dinner is finished I tell mom and dad that I’ll clean up and suggested they go out and do something. As I finished everything up in the kitchen I go upstairs and flop on my bed. I look up at the ceiling wondering what I should do for the night….. I could finish up my book Divine by Mistake by P.C Cast….. oh I could take a long hot bath and while listening to music, now that sounds nice….. or I could call Shane, one of my good friends here and also the Beta of our pack, and we can have a Netflix night. Yeah I think I’ll do that and maybe a nice hot bath afterwards. I look for my phone and call Shane.



“Hey, Netflix night?”

“Hell yeah! I’ll be there in 10…” He hangs up and I laugh and go down stairs and unlock the door for him and then heat up some popcorn while I wait for him. After heating up three bags for us Shane walks through the door.

“Hey babe,” I roll my eyes. When we first met Shane tried to get with me but I wasn’t interested and that was a first for him but he still annoys me by calling me babe, even in front of everyone. Most of the people in the pack think we are together and I get dirty looks from all the girls in school especially the pack slut Josie. Now that girl has been around and now she’s got her hooks . “Hey.” I say back to him and he grabs a huge bowl from the cabinet and we head upstairs. After binge watching episodes of The New Girl we both fell asleep cuddled up, only to wake up to a gruesome growl. My eyes snap open and I see my dad has Shane pinned to the wall.

“Dad! Stop you know it’s not what it looks like!!!! We fell asleep!!!” I plead with him. He looks at me and lets Shane go. “ Get out of my house!” he growls and Shane looks from him to me wide eyed and nods his head and ran out.

“Dad I can’t believe you did that!” I’m so embarrassed.

“So that’s why you wanted us out of the house huh?” he yells.

“No I was bored and he’s like my best friend dad and you know I’m waiting for my mate” I say to him hoping he believes me cause it’s true.

He sighs and mom comes up and touches his shoulder giving him the “apologize to her” look. “I’m sorry Em,” he says looking at me. “It’s ok dad I understand but you have to trust me.” I say to him. “ I know and I do, we do, I just overreacted a little.” he says and I laugh and give him a kiss good night. My parents leave my room and I was out like a light.

Chapter 2

Artemisia(Misa POV)

The week has flown by so fast it was crazy, soon I’d be in Oregon. I’m sitting at the kitchen table looking at Facebook while I wait for my mom to finish breakfast.

“I wish I could go with you,” I jumped at the voice of my brother in my head. So…. Long story short, my twin brother and I can mind-link each other. It all started when we turned 16, we never told our mom because we knew she’d react badly or she would tell us some crazy story about how we are adopted.

"We don’t want to overwhelm our parents, so give it a week or two and we can ask them," hopefully he will accept that offer because it's the only one I got.

"What am I supposed to do without you for two weeks let alone three months if I can't go?" I look at him like... really?.... always the dramatic one. I'm not gonna lie though, I am a little freaked about being away from him for a long time. He's my twin and we've done everything together. Just then Apollo walks in the kitchen. not to sound gross but my brother is pretty hot. He's tall, has dark brown hair, and the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen......Every man's dream I laugh to myself.

"Good morning." he says, as he sits at the kitchen table next to me and sulks. Mom notices this, "Hey your sister will be back before you know it." she says, reassuring him and he nods. "Besides don’t you have an audition to practice for?" she asks. My brother has always wanted to go to Broadway and now has the chance to be apart of Wicked. I think he is a really great actor and singer if you ask me.

"Yeah you're right, I totally forgot about that for a second." he says happily.

Mom stats setting plates of food down on the table and my mouth starts watering. Ugh my mom's awesome! Bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, fried potatoes, and fruit salad. "Mom I think you went a little overboard with breakfast today." Apollo says wide eyed. I laugh but I don't care I'll eat all of it.

"Well your sister is leaving and this will be our last breakfast together for awhile." I roll my eyes. She acts like I'm moving out for good.

"Thanks for reminding me," Apollo pouts while I snatch a piece of his bacon unnoticed and eat it.

"I saw that," He mind-links me, I look at him to see a smirk on his face.

After breakfast I go upstairs to finish packing. which is mostly just toiletries and stuff to bring with me on the plane like my book, iPod, journal, and snacks/candy.

As I'm putting my last minute things in my suitcase. I glance around my now basically bare room and notice a picture of me, mom, and Apollo. It was taken and our High School graduation. I grab it and shove it in my suitcase and head down stairs.

Walking down the stairs I see my mom already waiting for me by the door. “you ready?” I nod and start looking around for my twin. “Where’s Apollo?” just then he rushes over and hands me a brown paper bag. I look at him weird and he says “What’s this?” he smiles and says “It’s your snacks for the plane ride.” I smile back at him. This is why I love my twin, he knows me so well. It’s like he can read my mind, pun intended.

“You’re the best bro.” I smile at him and give him a hug goodbye.

“You better make sure I can come stay with you guys…. If not I’m dragging your ass back here,” he mind-links me.

“I promise.” and I meant it.

Mom and I head to the car and I put my bags in the trunk. I’m anxious to see my best friend. I haven’t seen Emily in two years, since the after graduation.

We head to the airport in silence and then mom clears her throat. “I know Emily’s car got totaled  so I’ll have your car sent to you this week.” She knows how much my car means to me, it’s my baby. I call him Benny plus she know I can’t do anything without a car.

We got to the airport and as soon as I got my bags out the car my mom brings on the waterworks. “My baby is leaving me,” she cries. I roll my eyes, here we go I think as I embrace her in a hug. “Mom I’m not going to be gone that long, just a couple of months” I tried explaining to her. She wipes her tears away and takes in a deep breath. “You’re right.” she sighs “I’m overreacting.” I look at her and she notices my concern. “I’m fine, I’m fine,” she says as if trying to convince herself. “Go before you miss your flight.” I check my phone for the time and she was right. I had 10 minutes before I had to be on the plane.

I give her another hug goodbye and rush inside. I go to the check-in desk and drop off my luggage. Once I boarded the plane I found my seat. Once settled in I took out my phone and texted Emily letting her know that I was on the plane and then turn it off. The flight attendant speaks over the intercom “Hello Georgia we are prepare to take off so please have a seat and put your seatbelt on.” so I put my seatbelt on. Once in the air I go through my carry-on bag and take out my book, The Immortal Instruments, to read. In a couple of hours I’ll be in Oregon.

“Miss….” I feel someone tap my shoulder. “Miss…” the flight attendant taps me again and I wake up. Huh I hadn’t realized I had fallen asleep.

“Miss…we are preparing to land could you please put your seatbelt on.” she says to me and I nod. I put my seatbelt on and I put my things away in my bag.

The plane finally landed and I turned my phone back on and saw that Emily had texted me letting me know she was picking me up from the airport. I go and get my suitcases from baggage claim and look around for the escalator. Spotting the escalator I head downstairs. As I’m on the escalator I spot Emily holding a sign that says “Misa” A smile instantly spreads on my face as I run towards her and give her the biggest hug as if my life depended on it.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she tells me.

“I’ve missed you too babe.” I laugh.

“So are you excited that we’re going to be roomies.” she says jumping up and down excitedly.

“Hell yeah,” I say as we both have a huge smile on our faces.

“Well we better get going then.” she says to me.

As we walk out of the airport we find her parents outside waiting in their car. Once they see us they smile. They get out of the car and run to me to embrace me in a hug.

“We’ve missed you squirt,” Mr. Thomson says and he ruffs up my hair.

“Oh honey look how much she’s grown.” Mrs. Thompson cries. Oh god just like my mom. Well they are basically  parents to me, they have always treated me like I was their own.

“I’ve missed you guys too,” I say to them.

“Okay, well let’s get your things in the car so we can go home.” Mrs. Thompson says.

Home…. I’m starting to miss home. I wonder what my mom and brother are doing. Sitting in the car I decided to mind-link Apollo. “Apollo….”

“Misa… OMG we have been calling and texting you to make sure you got there!” he yells.

“I’m sorry…but why didn’t you mind-link me.” I asked him curious.

“I don’t know… I tried but something was blocking me.” that’s really odd I thought.

“ Maybe it was just a bad connection. I mean we really don’t know much about our ability,” I say hoping that will make him feel better.

“Yeah maybe you’re right… well don’t forget to call mom.” that was the last thing he said and I looked out the window and suddenly we were driving on a road surrounded by the forest.

Author Profile: https://www.wattpad.com/user/true_luna2411 


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