Fat Tiger Workshop x romancreates

Hi everyone;

My name is Roman Treuthart (@romancreates on Instagram), I am a 16-year-old photographer from Chicago, IL. I chose to photograph some clothing I own from Fat Tiger Workshop here in Chicago. The hoodie is from the brand VITA (http://vita-usa.co) and the tee is from dopeboymagic (http://www.dont-be-mad.com).

I want to give a huge thanks to trash for putting out another stellar class. I am glad this one touched on how to reach out to brands to land paid shoots; I'll definitely be keeping those pointers in mind in the future.

When deciding where to shoot, I wanted to have both a simple background along with a more complex and interesting location. I kept that in mind as I brainstormed locations to shoot. I found my model through a friend that also models, hit him up, and set up the shoot. Thank you Myles White (@myleslxxv on Instagram) for modeling.

Again, shout out to trashhand for creating the class and hosting this contest. Hope you all enjoy.








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