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Fat Elvis Remake



This is the first time I've used Illustrator to create something from scratch (usually I just edit finished work) so I wanted to go with a simple ad. 

Boy, is this harder than it looks.

I figured I'd start with Elvis since he's basically one big circle. The hair has been the toughest part. Below is a picture of all the parts that make up the hair:


I don't know if you can tell but there's 4 shapes and a line that makes up the hair. Does anyone have pointers on how I could have made it easier? 

At any rate, after the hair, the rest of Elvis seems pretty simple. I'll post the finished product soon!

Juneteenth Update:

Pretty excited about the work I've got done on Elvis!


His body is really starting to take shape. I'm still having a little trouble with the sunglasses but I think I have a solution. 


So this was fun. Once I got the hang of the pen tool a lot of it cam together pretty well. I am overall happy with the final design. I will say some parts (like Elvis' thigh gap, the sunglasses and his hair) are a little funky in how I had to create it but you can't see it in the final design. I'm convincing myself my designs will get better the more I learn. Only time will tell.



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