Fastfood | Skillshare Projects




I really, really liked this course. Not only did I learn quite a few new tricks in Affinity Designer (what an awesome programme!) but I also loved dabbling with drawing food.

I started off with a sketch (which isn't exactly my strong suit):


The arrow was initially there to show the light direction, although my plans changed a little while drawing in Affinity Designer. Next, I made a rough background:


I then proceeded to draw the milkshake and the Ketchup bottle:


I then drew the burger:


When I looked at the burger, it was a little boring to me and then I realized the bottle and the milkshake look kind of angry so I decided they took a bite out of the burger:


I had a light source comping from the upper right, but since I also have the neon sign, I realized there should be some glow and light spill from the neon sign as well. And this is what I got so far:


Since I'm never 100% happy with what I draw, I'm pretty sure I'll be tinkering with this one in the (near) future. If I do, I'll post the result here.


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