Fast inking by Nonti

Fast inking by Nonti - student project

Challenge 1
I really loved the still life, because nothing is moving :D And it is wonderful to watch and discover. By the way this was the first time I used the little frame-technique... it really helps to FOCUS!

Fast inking by Nonti - image 1 - student project

Challenge 2
I'm absolutely not into cars! I was kind of disturbed by them. I tried to focus on buildings and people... but I still have to train how to capture moving objects.

Fast inking by Nonti - image 2 - student project

Challenge 3

5 Minutes!!! Way too fast for me... but it was quite interesting. I had no time to think... this was really killing any mental blocks!

Fast inking by Nonti - image 3 - student project

Dear Ed J Brown!

Thank you for this class! I love all your classes. I'm an illustrator, too! And your methods, techniques, strategies are so smart, inspiring and simply wonderful!!! THANK YOU!

Greetings from Augsburg