Fast Inking Exercises

Fast Inking Exercises - student project

This class was amazing, but so difficult for me! I tend to overcompilcate everything and kicking this habit is really hard. Also, time constraints always freak me out and make me super tense for some reason.

Something I struggle with a lot is separating things in the foreground from the background. No matter how hard I try, I usually end up with an indistinguishable mess. I guess I really need to work on that.

I used a waterbrush filled with slightly diluted indian ink for all of these sketches. I wasn't too happy with this choice, because the brush kept going dry and then I squeezed too hard, so it just spilled out massive blobs of ink.

The first two pictures are some practice sketches I drew before the timed challenges. I used random pinterest pictures and a book I had lying around:

Fast Inking Exercises - image 1 - student project

Fast Inking Exercises - image 2 - student project


15 and 10 minutes (the first one ist on the right page which I always use first (I'm left handed):

Fast Inking Exercises - image 3 - student project


5 minutes (Not good. Might try this again at some point.):

Fast Inking Exercises - image 4 - student project


Thank you so much for this awesome class!