Fashion sketch rebound

Fashion sketch rebound - student project

I also love Diane von FURSTENBERG and so I picked this look from spring 2016 (I accidentally thought this is 2019!) and illustrated the pose. I used to draw fashion sketches a lot 2 years back and I am now trying to get back at it. This class is the perfect project to put my pen to paper again!

Truly, this is the worst sketch I've done ever but I decided to put it out there as a painful reminder that practice makes better and without practice we can't keep the same standards.

So here it is, my sketch and inked version, with my inspiration look.

Fashion sketch rebound - image 1 - student projectFashion sketch rebound - image 2 - student project

the middle one is my inspiration

Fashion sketch rebound - image 3 - student project

final sketch
Fashion sketch rebound - image 4 - student project


Mira Metzler
Mixed Media Artist