Fashion in a deserted lake | Skillshare Projects

Fashion in a deserted lake

I started by choosing my loaction wich was Folosm Lake. Northern CA is in a drought right now, so our lake looks more like a desert. Then I decided who I was going to shoot. My freind Michael has a modelesque look to him and I new he would have the attire I wnated to capture in my shoot. I then made a pinterest board with a few images that showed the feel I was going for. 

We drove our car out onto the lake. Then started roamimg and came across some awesome dreind up trees. Micheal was even adventurous enough to climb one.

We weren't able to make it out there at a decent lighitng time. So it was pretty bright out and a bit of a challenge working with harsh shadows but a good challenge at that :) 

My freind Renee decided to come along for the ride and I made her get in a few shots too.


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