Fashion in Motion

Throughout my 30 year fashion design career I specialized in designing and creating couture costumes for skaters and dancers. My strength was communicating ideas to my clients through illustrations showing my designs in motion.

Although I've retired from the grueling business of couture design, I still have the need to express ideas through fashion illustrations...and my desire is to create illustrations that communicate the movement of fabric on the body.

As a costume designer, my illustrations were of secondary importance...so it wasn't as important to finish the sketches to the quality of an actual illustration (although many of my clients requested to have copies of their design sketches and some even framed them). My goals in this class are to learn to render fabrics and textures in color and to create a finished product that will be "suitable for framing."

P.S. I will be making my daughter's wedding gown this summer, and want to give her a finished illustration of her gown as a wedding gift. Looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from you all!


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