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Fashion illustration

My inspiration is florals (though i am not sure how to draw the flower details later :P)

I chose a design from Marchesa, one of my favourite designers, from their resort 2014 collection.

This is my initial sketch from this gown, using a different pose

Drew the flowers on, and started applying the watercolor

I think i need more practice with the watercolor... initially found it quite a struggle to use

The 2nd design is from Alice and Olivia resort 2014

Here is my sketch which i find a bit hard to draw the eyes, nose and mouth

Realised that i changed my style from the first painting

I think this 2nd one looks quite Japanese, maybe cos i grew up reading/drawing manga

The 3rd design is from Giambattista Valli Fall 2014 couture collection... deciding to stick back to the floral theme

Haven't got watercolors and proper watercolor yet.. so i could only make sketches first =))

Actually i ruined this sketch after painting it because i added more and more washes on it because i thought the color was too light... in the end the color of the painting seems to lose its vibrancy


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