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Erika Gibson

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Fashion Illustrations

Wow, there are so many talented people here! Honestly! I hesitated for a bit before uploading my work...

1: Gyaru

I just adore their large, dolly eyes, and their bold styles!

2: Dolce&Gabbana ~ Spring/Summer 2014

I love everything floral!

3: Dolce&Gabbana ~ Spring/Summer 2014

I wasn't able to draw the rest of her body because they didn't fit into the paper. Still, I think it turned out okay. The most difficult part in painting this was the dress-- she was wearing a lace dress in the photograph.

All of these drawings are taken from references on Pinterest. :) I tend to draw my characters' eyes sort of large... I guess it's because I was so used to the semi-realism dolly look I did in the past (like large, exaggerated eyes, small lips, small nose...) I've also drawn a lot of anime as a child.


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