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Fashion Illustration with paper embellishment

Hi Everyone!! 

So here is my first approach to fashion illustration using watercolor. 

I tried with 2 different looks and I am very happy with this project. I found some challenges on the way but I really had fun. 

I loved this class a lot !! 

Here is my first try: 


I loved this look and I wanted to give it a try. I had some challenges with fitting the figure in the paper because I got like the smallest watercolor block and then I realized that for details or dresses was a little bit hard to use such a small paper ^.^ but I did my best!


I tried to keep the scketch simple and add more details with the watercolor


I really liked the idea of making the black from mixing colors instead of working with a black color so I tried with a bluish black but then I added a little bit of black ink to accentuate the feeling of a black fabric




This was my final work and I felt happy with the result (it's my first illustration using this technique) . I did the golden embelishment with golden indian ink.

For my second try I chose a beautiful dress that inspired me to get crafty and add a texture using fabirc-like paper. 


Here is the process: 



I made little paper roses to give it some texture 


I first tried the paper roses on top of the scketch to see how they looked (and I liked it) 


So I went ahead and glued them into the scketch 


First layer of color. I let the paper dry for like an hour and then I kept adding more details 



Here is my color palette



This was my final result. I had a little accident with my watercolor palette (a.k.a water was running on my paper making a mess :p ) so I decided to go with the flow and add a texturized background. :) 

I really enjoyed this class and making this project! And I was really inspired by all the amazing projects from other people/ Amazing comunity ! 


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