Fashion Illustration: a portrait | Skillshare Projects

Nadia Lebedeva

Print Designer and Illustrator



Fashion Illustration: a portrait

I am a big fan of a fashion illustration myself and hope I will be able to involve you in this wonderful world. 

So let's start to learn how to draw these bright stylish images as seen in advertising and fashion magazines!

The most difficult is  to capture face's expression and at the same time this is the most important when drawing a fashion portrait. Your aim is not just to show the gown, but to express the way person feels.

 In this class you will be able to work on your own style of illustrating and draw a person who inspire you in a fashion world.

I will show how to draw a face, a head, different postures.

We will start from the basics and sketches, learn different techniques and some tips.

As the project topic I've chosen "Portrait of a person, who is your fashion inspiration".


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