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Fashion Illustration- Watercolor Fashion Accessories


Hi everyone!  Just published Fashion Illustration- Watercolor Fashion Accessories where I paint 5 projects using 5 different techniques and effects. This is a new type of class for me so I'm looking to see what you think.  It's pretty niche specific but I'm hoping it's just broad enough.  Look forward to any thoughts!!!




ef3ec9a1Woohoo Fashion Illustration- How to Paint Fabric Prints in 3D is out!!!  This is the second class in a series of fashion illustration classes I am working on, and it will be free until it starts trending.  I welcome any feedback!!!  




Published Watercolor Fabric Swatches in March 2018.  : )  It's an exercise in painting textile prints in a series of small squares using watercolors.  You can copy your favorite prints or design your own. Then upload an image of your swatches to the Project Gallery.  It's great for fashion designers, textile designers, surface pattern designers, or just artists looking to try something new.




Hi there!  I hope your day is going well so far.  I just wanted to share the news that I have an all new art class called Embellishment for Illustration!!!  It's a new challenge for me so I am super excited to publish this one.  Keep in mind I will be hosting a contest in this one some time next week, so please go ahead and get a jump on your project by checking it out.  Above is the link to my intro video.  Would love some feedback!






I am so happy to have published my 10th class yesterday!  I love the class production process more and more each time.  So I had loads of fun with this one which focuses on inking with watercolor accent.  I would love some feedback as I am still in the forest for the trees stage.  : )



Watercolor Treasures of the Sea



I hope you're having great day!!!  I have been working on this new class for a while, so I am so excited to publish Watercolor Treasures of the Sea today.  Yay!!!  It's currently a free class and will be free for at least the first week.  The projects range from beginner to intermediate to advanced, so there is something for everyone.  It's a fun theme to do with your kids as well as creating framable or scanable art.  Or just paint to relax.  After all, what's more inspiring than the ocean?  I'd love your feedback too! Please swing by and check it out.  

Look forward to see you there.  ; )

Chris V



I finally feel as though Easy Painted Flowers is complete.  It was a 16 minute class I published a couple of months ago, and it seemed something was missing.  Now that I have added several more videos with further instruction, brushwork technique examples, and a new bonus video at the end, I think it's a better class.  However, at 45 minutes long, I do worry that I added too much...  I would love some feedback on this!!!  I would so appreciate any thoughts if you have a moment to take a look.  : )  Here's a free link for those of you who don't have premium.  Thanks!!!!


Here's my newest class Line Drawing- The Power of Suggestion.  Feedback welcome!  : )


Hi All!  Here's my intro video to Painting the Universe Part 2:

1/19/17  Starting my 6th class, Painting the Universe Part 2.  Yay!  ; )  Here is my outline:


12/1/16  So excited to publish my 5th class today!!!

10/26/16 Hope to publish this class by Friday.  : )

8/6/16- Published DIY Statement Bracelet, my 3rd class!  ; )

Published my 2nd class Rough Sketches as a Finished Product!!!  Yay!!!

I have really enjoyed taking a business and watercolor class on Skillshare and I think it's a great value for all of the learning involved.  I have always loved to teach and train, so I was excited to publish my first Skillshare class.  My friends and family were so proud.  ; )  

I have never done videos or produced music so it was all a learning experience for me.  I really got a lot out of this class to help me along the way as well as the DIY Filming class by Mark Cersosimo and the photography class by Marshall Rimmer.  I couldn't have done my video without them.  

I started by creating my video outline: 



Video Lesson Title- About me, my philosophy on art, Class & Project

Video Lesson Type Short video w/ Physical Demo, my studio, my work, background audio

Approximate Length 1 min

Talking Points & Key Concepts Introduction & why I create, my jewelry website, teaching my biggest seller, project Sweetheart Ring, most importantly to have fun!

-Hi I'm Chris V and I'm an artist, designer and maker.  I've been an artist ever since I can remember. I sketch, paint, sculpt, do fashion design, crochet, and I've experimented with lots other things. I was a featured artist with my own pop up store at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. One day I realized I couldn't find jewelry to 

Video Lesson Title- Description of project

Video Lesson Type- Slides w/ audio

Approximate Length- 1-2 min

Talking Points & Key Concepts- Craft a Sweetheart heart shaped ring, w/wire, beads (opt.) Includes finished project images, material and tools


Video Lesson Title- Materials

Video Lesson Type- Physical demo

Approximate Length- 2 min

Talking Points & Key Concepts- Detailed description of all materials needed for the project and why

- 18 Gauge Anodized steel wire, can experiment in any wire then redo it with different wire later on, poster board to protect table top

Video Lesson Title- Tools

Video Lesson Type- Physical demo

Approximate Length- 2 min

Talking Points & Key Concepts- Detailed description of all tools needed for the project and why

- If you are an experienced jewelry maker you can skip this part, describe the 3 plyers, describe round shaper and the ring sizer


Video Lesson Title- Bottom of ring

Video Lesson Type- Physical demo

Approximate Length- 5 min

Talking Points & Key Concepts- Techniques, tips and why I use them

- Creating ring bottom

 Video Lesson Title- Top of ring

Video Lesson Type- Physical demo

Approximate Length- 5 min

Talking Points & Key Concepts- Techniques, tips and why I use them

- Creating ring top and applying bead

 Video Lesson Title- Finishing ring & applying bead

Video Lesson Type- Physical demo

Approximate Length- 5 min

Talking Points & Key Concepts- Techniques, tips and why I use them

- reinforce top and curve in wire end, size bottom and curve in wire end


Video Lesson Title- Final thoughts

Video Lesson Type- Video w/audio

Approximate Length- 1-2 min

Talking Points & Key Concepts- Encourage to engage project, remind to have fun, post project to gallery. 

Then I started on my Intro which was the hardest to nail.  I really had to figure out what my message was.  I wanted it to be a relavant story about who I was and why I'm teaching, including my skills and experience.  As an artist, I wanted it to be a beautiful presentation, and I am my worst critic.  So it was a grueling process for me.  


Because my intro was so involved, I started to film my instructional videos as I worked on it.  I'm so glad I did because it kept my project moving.  It took me a while to break down my process and simplify it in basic terms.  I had to do my first video a couple of times but then I was off and running.  




After finally finishing my Intro video, I ended up with 8 videos all under 7 minutes.  After some help from the Skillshare team, and a half a day of uploading, I'm super happy with how the class turned out.  I am now working on learning how to manage my students and keep improving my class.  Already thinking about how to put together my next class!  : )


Super excited to be over 100 students!!!  Thanks everybody!  I would never be here without you guys... :-D


Published my 2nd class!!!  Yay!!!


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