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Lindsay Lorente

Fashion Designer for Bailey44 and Illustrator



Fashion Freehand Blog

My website and blog,  Fashion Freehand, is where my passions mix and come alive. I am a Fashion Designer for Bailey44 by day and a fashion illustrator/blogger by night.  With this blog, I decided to start sharing what inspires the way I dress and design. When I create a garment or compose a look, I always start with a freehand sketch. As the production comes to life, I may drape fabric, use photoshop, or combine materials. Yet, it is the initial freehand sketch - away from rulers and curves - that keeps the essence of my creativity alive.

I hope you enjoy my sketches, more developed products, and lifestyle captures.  As always, the goal is to provide inspiration to others in culture, lifestyle, food, and travel...

I appreciate feedback for general improvement and also specifically on how to improve the flow. 

Thanks!  --Lindsay Lorente







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