Fashion Drawing by Sonia

Here´s the clothes I chose from this season. 

On the left side is my sketches, haven´t really chosen which I should move on with but I have my favorites. And on the right is a collage with Prada´s clothes from this season, I don´t know if I will use this, maybe :)

Getting started on the second part, here´s my five favorits.

Working on the grid.

This is the clothes I chose for my drawings. Prada, LV, Acne, Chanel and Celine. 

Finished the first drawing!

Second done.

And the third, will start with the forth tomorrow. I´m trying to use different kind of techniques with all five. So next one I´ll try to do in photoshop which I´m not use to at all.

Here is my forth drawing, used guache for the first time so could have turned out better. Maybe I´ll be doing a new try one day!


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