Fascination | Skillshare Projects




Her heartbeat matched the tap, tap, tap of her heels as she made her way through the crowd. She had thoroughly prepared for this meeting and knew that she looked amazing. Head held high, she approached and confidently waited for her turn.


A nervous hum filled the air as the others glanced around, taking note of the newest face in the crowd. 


When her time came, she eagerly made her way to the front, walked through the door, and took her place.


She was startled at their first encounter. No, much more than that. She was . . . stunned motionless - like a rabbit overtaken by the shadow of a hawk.


She couldn't breathe, which didn't really matter, as she was speechless. Her mouth was moving, displaying a series of ohs. She looked like a fish out of water, desperately trying to send oxygen to her rapidly malfunctioning system. Nothing formed in her brain - no words, no visions, no sensations. All had gone blank.


After a few exquisitely agonizing moments, she shook her head and took a deep breath and broke free from her stupor. She jumped up, simultaneously shrieking and knocking over the chair as she sprinted away from her tormentor.


Her friends had advised against it, but she insisted. She was drawn by the fascination of viewing the unknown.


She'd known it would be painful, but, really, everyone was right - you could not anticipate the sensations that sear through your soul upon your first experience with a 10 X lighted mirror.


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