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Fas' Bar Organic Energy Bar

Name: (working title)

Organic Fas' Bar


The Fas' bar is an energy bar made from cassava and yam and is made from the Jamaican Yam tuber the same ingredients that Jamaican track and field athletes have been eating for over a century in order to be super quick athletes.

Biggest Holes in Startup Idea:

  • If users cannot see how this product will make them better athletes or the healthy part they will not buy it

  • Product does not taste good people will not buy it.

  • Too much focus on the Jamaican side of product and not on how it will help customers become quicker through diet

MVP Solution:

1. Produce Bars with the help of a chef/coof/dietician who has made energy bars before to produce product OR (make a homemade version experiment for now)

eg. of energy bars ( clifbar,balance bar, kashi go lean,snickers marathon bar etc. )

Use a Kickstarter Campaign to get money for larger scale production when at that stage.

Angel investors.

Take the energy bars to track and field meets. Sponsor track and field teams. (KC, immaculate JC)

Pitch to energy food companies.

Actionable Plan:

  1. Create product packaging mockup graphics and DIY video about the product and benefits

  2. Embed the video on Kickstarter page/facebook/twitter etc.

  3. Post the video with link to  to Facebook/twitter

  1. Create 5 screenshot images from initial mockups using Photoshop.

  2. Create a Keynote presentation with transitions that show people eating and endorsing product.

  3. Record the presentation using Camtasia and add callouts to highlight the screenshots.

  4. Purchase Royalty Free music track and add using iMovie

  5. Upload Explainer Video to YouTube.

(Estimated Time & Money Budget: 8 hours & $1000)(workable)

- Goal:

Verify the need/interest for an energy bar that uses the same ingredients that give Jamaican athletes their edge in competition. By introducing the public to fas' bar and inviting signups for athletic teams to get the bar.

- Success metric:

5 cases (100 bars each) sold of the ene’speed bar to track and field teams/health food companies.

- Solution to hit goal:

Exhibit the inherent value of the fas'bar via a DIY Explainer Video added to youtube and broadcast link to Facebook/twitter Network in order to build initial user base for announcement of energy bar.

Market at track and field meets and other sporting events.

- Week-long experiment you can run to hit your goal:

For one week we will be in the kitchen finding different ways of making the bars using cassava (yuca) and yam.



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