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Farrell & Co.

I recently started a small leather goods company called Farrell & Co. I am a one woman operation in which I hand make leather wallets, bags and cases from start to finish.

I've been sturggling for months now on developing a brand logo and tags for my company. I've designed a couple different designs but I can never really achieve what I actually am looking for in a logo. Since I'm a small one woman operation and start up costs are very limited I can't afford to pay a talented graphic designer to design logo for me. Skillshare seems like a great place to learn how to finally design the logo I'm looking for.

A little bit about me: my name is Meg Farrell and I'm a sefl-taught leather smith. I began making leather goods about 2 years ago when I was running my own farm in rural coastal Maine. I've always been an artist and having a creative outlet is neccesary for my mental health. Although farming was interesting and fullfilling to some degree, it was not creative enough to feed my creative drive. So, I sewed, knitted, wove, painted and drew but until I decided to make myself a leather wallet my creative drive  was never satisfiied. After that very frist rudamentry wallet was made there was no looking back, I needed to create more pieces and from there Farrell & Co. was created.

Here are some of my leather goods that I make:

Here are some of my inspiration boards:

Here's what I've been working on:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!


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