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For my project, I decided to animate a farmhouse. For visual reference, I did a Google image search:


When doing research, I try to use photos and not illustrations or clip art (otherwise, I might get too influenced by a way another illustrator draws something).

I usually sketch on paper first, but in this case, I just winged it and went straight to Illustrator and came up with this:


I was aiming for a purposely flat style with a simple, graphic quality and definitely not anything photo realistic. I kept the overall color palette to five colors and tried to give it a slightly retro feel.

After spending some time with this illustration, I felt it was a bit (no pun intended) flat. So I worked it some more and came up with this:


I like it overall and will update this post when I start animating.

UPDATE: 1/26/16

So because of client deadlines (and taking care of a baby) I got a bit behind. I finally got around to animating the farm house:


I'm still getting the hand of the graphic editor, but I like how it gave me a lot of control over the keyframes. I was really trying to incorporate overshooting a lot in the animation as I felt it gave the animation a sense of depth.

Overall, I'm fine with this. If I were to be critical, I would say that I feel the animation lacks a certain something. I can't put my finger on it. I may have to revisit this animation later.

I ran into some technical issues exporting the GIF (I wish AE had a GIF export option). Photoshop CC 2015 would constantly keep skipping part of the animation. I rendered and opening in PS a number of times but always had the same issue. I finally had to download a program called GIF Rocket, which was awesome and worked really fast. 


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