Farmer's Market | 3 Focal Patterns in 3 Weeks | July 2016

Hello all! My name is Erica and, since I failed to introduce myself in the discussion forum, I will do so here. I am an in-house art director and my team designs packaging for several private brands. I have long been interested in pattern design, although primarily I have focused on geometrics. This will be my first stab at combining my illustration skills with my love of patterns. Except during the brand development phase, packaging doesn't really call for this kind of highly conceptual design work so it will be fun to have this creative outlet. Fingers crossed I'm not too rusty!



I knew I wanted to do something involving fruits and vegetables so when Bonnie mentioned "Farmer's Market" as an example in her reading assignment from last week, I knew that's what my theme would be. Each pattern in the collection would be based off of that theme. So off I went to my favorite market on Saturday morning with my reusable shopping bag and camera in hand. Since we're in peak growing season in my area right now, there was no shortage of inspiration to be found. The market was teeming with the most gorgeous, colorful, fragrant produce and flowers. I don't have any sketches yet, but you can see the "fruits" of my trip in the mood boards below. ;o)



The peaches above were amazeballs, by the way!



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