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Farmer Todd's Pickled Hot Peppers and Mama Shellie's Zucchini Bread


While I was in school I kind of exhausted the craft beer/wine/liquor label thing, so this time around I want to try something different. I wanted to keep it kind of niche/D.I.Y., and began thinking about "craft condiments" like great bbq sauces, hot sauces, and salsas. It just so happens that my parents happen to have a great garden and make a lot of delicious treats that they often end up giving out to friends and family. This includes my dad's pickled hot peppers (and garlic cloves, olives, and cauliflower) and my mom's zucchini bread. There are more things I would love to make labels for, but for starters I am going to focus on these.

My collection of inspiration/mood board is pretty large, so here is a smaller sample of stuff I've been looking at. I really like mid-century design and definitely want to try to stick to black and white and just one or two colors. I also have a penchant for nice hand-drawn scripts, so I will likely include one in my designs.


I have a lot more sketching to do, but here are my rough beginnings in the meantime.


Some more sketches, and early experimentation with type


Some more sketches, and something more final for my label. I plan on doing some final revisions and then measuring everything out. 


Final drawing for my label that unfortunately and coincidentally is soaked in the very product I plan to adhere it to. (An actual jar of my dad’s pickled peppers broke in my bag with multiple sketchbooks in it and soaked through into my chair and carpet for hours before I noticed. Anyhow, the show must go on!)


Though I would love more feedback and to continue making improvements!


I've added some space and did some light rearranging to give my design a little breathing room.



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