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Farm to Lunch Support Pattern



I am very sorry that I am a bit behind in getting my mood board going. I found it was easy to get distracted in my searches for supporting imagery. (weather vanes and quilts had me entranced)  I found this exercise to be extremely useful not only for the pattern I want to create, but for the entire identity that I am working on - i was able to reinforce and consider extended ideas.

I am hoping to create a fun, colorful pattern to use with a new identity that I am developing called 'Farm to Lunch'. The program teaches children to grow and harvest crops at school. The harvested produce then goes to the district food kitchen where it is used in the preparation of lunch meals and then served to students.

Here is a list of some words that I have associated with the program: crop, harvest, vegetables, fruits, leaves, crop rows, planter boxes, agriculture, sun, rake, shovel, gardening tools, soil, seeds, growth, water, watering can, hose, tables/benches, utensils, plate, folded napkin, napkin ring, table setting, country picnic, barn, weather vane, scarecrow, hanging farm sign, harvest basket, organic, wholesome, fresh.

Because the logo and some additional assets have been created already, I can look for specific ways to support the identy through the creation of a pattern. 

My mood board seeks to show a combination of both earthy and bright colors. I thought about farms, home cooked meals, picnics, fresh produce, happy kids, hand-made quilts - basically wholesome things.

I am excited to use this board as my inspiration for the next steps in our class: sketching 



I set out by studying the fruits and vegetables that are noted on the school crop planting list. I looked at photos and drawings. (mind you illustration does not come easily to me!!) I worked first with sharpie drawings so as to keep in line with the same texture as the logo - but I found that laying these images next to the logo seemed to compete too heavily - so I changed my direction to a fine line art approach. Placing the finer drawings around the logo felt a lot better to me so I moved in this direction.

The way that I digitized:  

Use black ink only (no pencil), take photo, text to myself, pull into photoshop from imessage, change image to black and white (adjusting the blues, reds and or yellows far to the right on the sliders), crop, pull image into illustrator, use default image trace.

I retained the white background in most of the images so that I could use them in overlapping instances if needed.

Here is a banner using the drawings, but not set into a pattern yet:



Once I felt like I had a good collection of hand drawn vegetables I worked on the pattern swatch. Here is the pattern:




Here is a poster using the pattern as a background:


It was really great to be a part of this class and to learn how to make a perfect pattern. I am jealous of pretty much everyone in this class- as so many of the patterns are insanely creative! 

While this is a little different direction than a true surface pattern design (ie it is really a subtle background complement to the brand), I am pleased with the final outcome and feel like it has really given the identity a fun, dynamic feel.

Learning how to work with a pattern and create a usable swatch is truly a skill that I now have! I look forward to using it in many more professional and personal projects. Thank you Elizabeth!


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