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Farm to Fork - student project

Farm to Fork - image 1 - student project

Sacramento, California has just been named America's 'Farm to Fork Capital.' I would like to map the "trip" food must take to get from a local farm to a local restaurant. I may need to narrow it down to one specific food (a certain type of vegetable, meat, etc.), but I'd like to visually illustrate the way some of our local restaurants are sourcing their food.

This map is just a fun exercise. I’m not a designer or a true Sacramento foodie, but I love design, my city, food and I married into a farming family. So, I’m going for it!

My target audience would be anyone who loves food and appreciates knowing where their food comes from. I would love for Sacramentans to enjoy this map, but I’m hoping those who live elsewhere can see its value as well.

As far as the finished project, I’m going to focus on digital applications for now. I think it would be interesting to see how interactive I can make it. I’ll need to include some specific locations, but only to the places that are open to the public (some farms are not).

At this point, I’m not sure what help I’ll need from the class, but I’m not shy. I will definitely ask for advice and help once I dive in to this project a bit more. You’ve been warned! :)


Update // 2.23.2013

Okay, so I'm still waiting to hear back from Soil Born Farms, an "urban" farm here in Sacramento. I'm hoping they can shed a bit of light on their distribution process. In the mean time, I've drawn a map and key with the routes I *think* the food might take to get from farm to fork.

Farm to Fork - image 2 - student project

Farm to Fork - image 3 - student project 

I'm still deciding if I need to be exact about the routes (meaning I would add streets, freeways, etc.) or if this can be more conceptual and still illustrate Sacramento's "Farm to Fork" movement. Anyone have thoughts or ideas on that? I'd love to hear your opinions as we get ready to go digital!


Update // 3.04.2013

Hello everyone!

For our most recent milestone, I decided to zoom in on the Sacramento map around the area of the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers.

Farm to Fork - image 4 - student project

I kept the map fairly simple, but it was a great way to dust off my Adobe Illustrator knowledge. I haven't used the pen tool for quite some time, so it was really great practice!

I do have to say that the colors are completely different upon upload than they are when I open the file in Illustrator or Photoshop. They aren't this bright and garish in my original file. I'm not sure why that's happening.

I've set up a field trip for tomorrow morning, so I'll be spending time on a local urban farm during harvest and will be onsite at a local restaurant for delivery. Wish me luck!

Anyone else having funny rendering issues with illustrator-to-eps-to-jpeg files?


Update // 3.11.2013

I can't believe our class is coming to a close already!

If any of you have been following along on my blog, you know that I had a great time on a local, organic produce farm last week. Here are a few photos from the visit:

Farm to Fork - image 5 - student project

Farm to Fork - image 6 - student project

Farm to Fork - image 7 - student project

I decided to follow this beautiful Red Russian Kale from Feeding Crane Farms to one of our wonderful local restaurants to get the story behind what it takes to get the food from the ground to our table.

If you'd like to read more about the farm visit, you can do so here. I'm still working to set up the restaurant portion of the project and it looks like I may finally be able make that happen this Friday. I know that will make my project a bit late, but I'm too excited to follow the food to stop now!

I'd like to acknowledge the "final" day of class (so sad!) with a little teaser from my final project. Since this is the true map portion of my end product, I hope it fits the bill!

Farm to Fork - image 8 - student project

You'll notice that I've decided not to map the multiple locations where we can find the Red Russian Kale around town. Because Feeding Crane Farms is doing so well and expanding so quickly, the project could have taken me all month! For my Sacramento friends, you can find a link to where their products end up right here.

I'll continue telling the story on my blog and will share the final final project next week.


I do want to thank all of my fellow classmates and our lovely teacher, Anne, for making this class so enjoyable. I feel like I've learned so much in such a short time!

Have a great week, everyone.


Update // 3/25/2013:

I have (finally) finished my Farm-to-Fork mapping project!

Farm to Fork - image 9 - student project

You can read more about the project on my blog.


Thanks again for all of the inspiration! This class was incredible!

Jennifer Snyder

Content Creator