Farm List

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The idea behind Farm List stems from my ten years as a cook and Chef struggling to hurdle the lack of infrastructure when it comes to ordering local food. We aim to create a system that saves Chef’s the most time possible, while also giving them as much access as possible to the local farms they have grown to depend on for quality food. I have experienced first hand, and have heard many chef’s talk about the amount of time spent sorting through availability lists, getting orders in by certain days and organizing delivery or pick-up. Yes, this is part of the job. But what if it could be easier? What if instead of 20 availability e-mails a week to go through, you had one place to go online to place your orders? And what about all the farmers who don’t send out weekly lists, their product ending up out of sight and out of mind? The work of a Chef is hard and rewarding. We understand that ordering from local farms is essentially a labor of responsibility and love. Farm List provides the logistics to eliminate hours of “ordering” per week by providing an online consolidated weekly availability list and a confirmation schedule of what’s coming and what needs to be picked up the following week.
This idea was also born out of the idea of helping farmers do what they do best: grow and raise amazing products. As a Chef, I have been most awestruck and inspired by the dedication and work ethic of the amazing farmers i have met over the years. The goal of Farm List is to save farms time each week by consolidating and organizing their orders from all the Farm List subscribers. Farms represented by Farm List will have access to the growing network of Chef’s who join. The aim is to bring farms new business, while respecting their time and valuable product.

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This is a time where people care about where their food comes from more and more. I understand the demands of Chefs and reality about what can be fit in a days work. When you are up against a never ending stream of hungry diners, yeah it can be easier to order from the big distributor so you can get on with your day. But what if there was another way to order the food you want in the time frame that works?

I have been working in this industry for years and know this is my lifes work, to bridge this gap, empowering both chefs and farmers towards greater logistical compatibility. I have left the comfort of the kitchen to pursue this goal.

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