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Valerie Raffaud

New beginnings



Far away from the crazy storm...

Just before I woke up on that cold and windy friday morning in Montreal, so far away from home, my mind suddenly paused for a second thinking about the date. Friday 13th. Past weeks have been exhausted... Love ones in France getting sick... A career no longer fullfilling... What is that day gonna bring? Hope I suddenly wish. Time to get back on track. Inspiration and creativity needs to be back in my everyday life.

Going to the market after work to buy some fresh flowers and some freshly pumpernickel organic bread for tea time. Looking forward to the subtle scent of Lady grey tea I affectionnate so much. Remind me of that beautiful friday afternoon in that old pub down in West Sussex with him last January.


Water boiling in the kettle, the last sun rays going through the kitchen window. The peaceful silence suddenly broken by the telephone. And then the terrible news "it's happening again!''. Friday 13th, how ironical.


Being away from my home country got very hard in the past years but I have never felt so closed as this late afternoon.

Marte-Marie, I have been following you on Instagam for quite so months now, and you are a true inspiration. Thank you so much for offering us this class and let us explore our creative side. I loved the interview you've done lately on Ways we work and I was very tempted to send you an email for your little cottage in Dorset.  Merci infiniment.


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