Fantasy,Determination,Balance | Skillshare Projects

Mohamed Negm

Character Designer,In Training




I had good and long time thinking about the 3 attributes ,and then i close my eyes and chose 3 
they are Fantasy , Determination, Balance

And i wanted to do 2 characters with the same attributes  One for kids and one for teens
and her they are


 that one flying without wings (Called Wingo) (Kids) 


That one wood and plant creatures (Landowed) (teen)
they both are fantasy characters and have balance not much (cute and fighter) (not too serious not too hilarious) (and so on) and i tried to make them look determined, like that there are a lot happened to them but they still trying...

So what you think ? andIam very bad with names any suggestion will be great :D
I think inking and coloring will give them life i can't wait for them to be finished 


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