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Fantasy magician

Beginning the project with thumbnails, it's good to be back to character design, as you can see I was a bit rusty at the beginning XD
I've got a hard time with posing and varying shapes, I've got to pratice more @[email protected]
I had in mind a slender and young magician/summoner from a cold country.
If you would have to choose, which one would you pick ?

Here is a version a little bit more refined of the silhouettes I liked most.
I kinda got lost, wanting a magician from a cold country and designing lighter clothing XD
Silhouettes number 1, 6 and 8 are my favorite but I think number 3 could be interesting too...
I don't know if I should do variations of all those silhouettes or I should restrain my choice and then do more variations...
It's hard to choose XD

I chose the first character among these 3 

In fact I liked the greek feeling of the first silhouette so I decided to go deeper in that way.
I changed her pose because her arm was hiding the rest of the silhouette. I'm gonna try to make a cold outfit anyway because it was initially my first idea.


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