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Fantasy for fun

The first step silhouette thumbnails, really rough speed ideas, just to get concepts down. FIRST TRY EVER! so excuse the roughness and whatever else i did wrong. despite that it was fun~
i was going for an adventure renaissance meets pirate era thingy, although im not sure what i ended up with honestly. i wanted everything from crusader, theif, merchant, assassin, warrior...yea. A bit worried it might be stiff, but oh well.
Now on to the next step!

These are really rough kinda guidelines for where i think i want to go, obviously I'm going to be doing a lot of tweaking to try to get proportions right, but this is just me trying to make sense of what i am really looking at under all the poof and outfits. they arent really meant to be skeletal guidelines, just more of the flow. I suck at lines of action etc though! So we'll see if these are even helpful for me.


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