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Joerie Mortelmans

Belgian Pharmacist, 32, reflipping perfectionist.



Fantasy World for Kids

Hi, I'm Joerie, a 32 year old Pharmacist from Belgium.

I've been a Curator for Flipboard since May 2011, but I want to try out this new concept and see if I can make it work:

It's a kid friendly fantasy dream world, flip through it with your kid(s) and make the story up as you go along, or even better let them create the story.

If you want to contribute to this magazine or one of my other magazines let me know, my email address is [email protected] , I would love to contribute to other magazines as well ... #skillshareflip

At this time it is still very much a work in progress, I'm still searching for more sources ( Tumblr, Pinterest, Deviantart,... ). I prefer sites that give proper credit to the artist, but I want pictures only, no text or stories. When I find the artist I will mention him as a comment to the picture. I have many other magazines but this one is completely different, so basically i have to start from scratch...

Does it work as a concept ? It's just something I wanted to try, it was very much an impulse decision, but I think it could be fun...

This is my journey, I hope you enjoy it and learn from the mistakes I will make:

Update 28/05/2013

Found a couple of great sources:

Update 29/05/2013

The concept seems to work best if readers open the first image and then flip through the images and not through the pages in Flipboard.

I'm thinking of adding some text ( probably saved as an image file ) to serve as a baseline for the story, but I don't have a story yet ;-) 

Update 30/05/2013

Have spend quite some time arranging the illustrations, the first 15 pages or so are starting to look like a story, but I notice a lot of people reflip individual illustrations. Seems they also really like the illustrations, which isn't something I was expecting, I was expecting some some page flips but few reflips or subscriptions. Now I need to find a way to keep my subscribers happy, I think I'm going to add another story in the same magazine once I'm happy with this one. Not sure yet if I'm going to add text to serve as a baseline for the story, if I can see a story I'm sure kids will do too.

Update 01/06/2013

Replaced, deleted and re-arranged lots of illustrations. Wrote a new description. Decided the story will be never ending and always changing, to keep both first time readers and subscribers happy. The puzzle will never be finished and the story will always have pieces missing and that's ok. My readers will have to fill in the gaps with their own imagination. Will focus less on the actual story and more on finding high quality illustrations as people really seem to like them, the number of reflips is incredible. Will work on an introduction page tomorrow. 

Update 03/06/2013

Starting to use Pinterest more and more, it seems to be the best way to discover new sources and illustrations. I don't think I'll ever will be able to create a truly cohesive story, so I'm going to split the story in shorter chapters, this way my subscribers can see a new chapter on the first pages and check out the latest illustrations ( and reflip ), others can still create a story with the illustrations of that chapter or create their own story by saving the pictures or reflipping them and arranging them with the editor. I will make a slide with a title for each chapter, but new chapters will be added in front of older chapters. I think it's the best way to please both readers searching for a story and readers only interested in beautiful fantasy illustrations. Adding chapters and improving the first introduction page is next on my to do list.

Update 04/06/2013

I've finally divided the story in chapters. I'm pretty happy with the first two, tried to search for music on SoundCloud but couldn't find anything that I liked. Today I'm going to work on a few of the shorter chapters. The magazine is starting to take form and I'm happy with the progress I've made today. 

I will prepare new chapters in a private magazine first, and add them to "Fanatasize This" when they are ready. It's much easier for me to work with 20 illustrations than try to work with the 120 and it will be easier for my subscribers to see what has changed. 

Update 08/06/2013

Lost 15.000 readers on my main magazine in just a few days, so that threw me of balance a bit, hope it's just a bug. Found more great Pinterest boards, starting to spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I think I couldn't have made this magazine without it. Have added a lot of pictures to my private fantasy magazine, will work on the last chapter before I add any new ones, deleted one incomplete chapter ( moved it to the private one, just in case ). I spend a lot of time in the online editor and try to keep a close eye on the number of reflips and likes to see which direction I should take. 

Update 11-12/06/2013

Adding lots of images to my private magazine, quite happy with the three chapters, but clearly a magic kingdom needs a princess, I'll go search for her this weekend ;-)

Update 14-15-16/06/2013

Will search for very specific images only, fill the gaps in the story and finish the three existing chapters. Also need to polish the rough edges, deadline is sunday evening. Can't seem to write a decent description though. Have to replace some dead links too.

Update 18-19/06/2013

Users are starting to create their own stories by reflipping specific images and adding a few of their own ! It's such a great feeling when you find that one image that just completes a certain part of a story, found several today. Finally found the right words to describe the magazine, thank you Oprah Winfrey ! I hope it's grammatically correct, please comment if it's not:

Let your mind wander and your imagination fly.

Sometimes your stuck and then you find something like this:

Update 24/06/2013

Adding another chapter will take weeks, I first need to finish the chapter in a private magazine first as I've seem to have reached the limits of the web based editor....  

Making this magazine is proving to be great fun and very addictive, picking the illustrations, searching for a red line, arranging the illustrations to form a story and searching for specific illustrations to fill in the gaps like a big puzzle... I spend many minutes just dreaming...   I hope more Flipboard users copy the concept and improve it, that would make me very happy. 

Comments, ideas & possible sources ( artists, other flipboard magazines, pinterest boards, tumblrs, ... ) are much appreciated, thanks.


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