Fantasy Map

Fantasy Map - student project

Fantasy Map - image 1 - student project

I really loved this class, I had art block and this was the perfect class to help get back up. Thank you!

Fantasy Map - image 2 - student project

I loved my map so much I decided to frame it. 


My thought process


I worked from my class notes.

Fantasy Map - image 3 - student project

My map title Tici Land is actually my social media name, I came up with this name from some life events. One of my friends has always called me Tici and my mum used to say that I lived in Tracy Land as I was growing up, it felt natural to combine the names for my social media accounts. 


Ira talks about your map meaning something and since I was experiencing art block I decided to map my past imagination, this was an easy lead for the scale marker.


As I was mapping my past imagination of Tici Land my symbols and landmarks became pieces of old illustrations I have done, as shown below.


Houseplant City

Fantasy Map - image 4 - student project



Treecup Isle

Fantasy Map - image 5 - student project


The Pencil Tree

Fantasy Map - image 6 - student project


My flying Pencils 

Fantasy Map - image 7 - student project


My Monster

Fantasy Map - image 8 - student project


For my compass rose it felt natural to choose the moon as the night sky and stars are something I often paint and am very attracted to.


I feel that by mapping my past imagination it helped me create a world that was always within myself. I kept to my own illustration style, and sparked some motivation and inspiration to move past my art block. 

I pieced all these things together on some scrap paper then transferred the image to my watercolour paper. 


Fantasy Map - image 9 - student project


My Materials

* strathmore 500 series watercolor paper

* faber castell fine liners

* schmincke watercolor

* winsor and newton masking fluid

Tracy Williams

Australian Illustrator/Artist