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Fantasy Head Shots

Yay for first project submission :D Have been looking forward to this ^^ Mr. Fowler has such lovely work and I wanted to say thanks for setting up this class!

Anyways, I drew two characters for my project (for the purpose of practice.) I was going to do a third head shot, but I wanted to get to the coloring part, so I stopped at two. (I might do it later)

These are the skteches that I started with. The role of the character to the left changed a lot in my head, even in the inking process. He changed from a dark elf, to a common villager to elven smith to thief, ect..but overall his design seemed boring to me, and I changed some things in the inking process to make him seem more interesting. I need to work on getting a set idea before I start inking. ^^;; But anyways, the woman to the right is a character from a DnD campaign I'm in, and I've been wanting to draw her for a little while (mostly because I wanted to draw a big nose for some reason). It didn't turn out perfect, but it was still fun. She's a blind old woman who lives a very happy and care-free life. Though she's blind, she can still get around well.

So there's that...and then after the inking process...

As you can see, this is usually where I figure out most of the detail. I decided that the first character is a neighborhood blacksmith who's lived a pretty mischievious life as a youngin. But nowadays, he spends most of his time hammering away at hot metal, visiting the local pub and convincing guards he's not a bad guy.

The old lady pretty much stayed the same...I was having some problems with the ear to the right though P:

But anywho, some feeback would be nice and thanks very much for your time ^^

Excited for the coloring bit, color picking has always been very challenging for me.


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