Fantasy Flower Spray | Skillshare Projects

Fantasy Flower Spray

The image is a pattern that I have been working on for some time. Until this class any attempt to make a seamless repeat has not been satisfactory. 

This is the design above cut and taped together again. So far so good.

This time the additional steps and guidance Kristi gives are invaluable. For this tile I just reinserted the original design into the center of the quartered and offset version. Adjustments had to be made but everything all lined up this time. Yeah!!

This part of the class was very valuable. Learning how to shift color and the over all look with filters was very helpful. Top left is the original pattern with the white removed and an olive backgrounf added.  Top right is the background changed to black and the colors of the pattern adjusted using hue saturation controlls. The next two have filters applied to the pattern layer and then a background color layer  was added. Finally the last lower right swatch used the levels controlls on the pattern image and then a simple background was added. 

This was a step I never thought to take. It is an important step because it really helps sell the pattern. It also puts the pattern in a real life context which made me much more critical of the design.

The same holds true for clothing applications. This was a valuable part of the excercise and again helped in evaluating the effectiveness of the design.


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