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Yerin Yoo

a.k.a. slugette



Fantasy Female Villain concept

I chose a female fantasy villain concept.  I wanted to use a bit of bird-like design elements here and there, as well as spikes and things..

I ended up with quite a variety of thumbnails.. Probably not quite right with proportions and such..  I would appreciate any comment/advice.   Not quite sure which one's my favourite yet.


Going by the feedback I had from you wonderful people, I decided to do the following 4 for refinement:

I might have gone nuts with some of them, but still quite loose.. I tried to fix the proportions as much as I can, but I am really not used to working without references, so I am not feeling that confident..  As to which ones to choose to take to the next stage, I would welcome any feedback. 


Pretty much decided that No 2 will probably provide the most interesting variations, I went ahead and gathered a few references to get the anatomy right. - I sometimes feel like such an inadaquate artist for doing so, but I have really hard time getting the anatomy right without any references.. SO, I went out there with a broomstick, and a little photo session, . :)

Now that I have the necessary info, I'll be back with some variations in a day or two hopefully. :) 


So here's a final refinement made to the character, which I will take to the next level with variations.  I tried to make the pose a little more dynamic.. Hopefully got the anatomy mostly right.  Slowly getting there!!! :)


Here are some variations I came up with so far..  Not done much details, but having a bit of a mental block on little design decisions.. time to go gather some references, but for now, here they are:


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