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Trudy WE




Fantasy Character

Hi everyone ^___^

When I started this project I was really motivated to draw npcs for my rpg-group. But I ran into a wall midway and lost my way. I usually work from lineart to painting which meant using this rough shapes threw me right out of my comfy everyday process. So after failing for a while I decided that getting just any thumb into a character would be a success. xD

I the end I still felt fast and more creative. I think this method is great and want to try using it again. ^^ but here are my efforts so far:

For my first tries I used hard brushes. I was fun in the sketching phase but left me with so many hard rough shapes (and I used too much contrast too) I just couldn't get from here to a more detailed version. >___< so after trying several times and finally seeing my mistakes (wich took me a while ^^") I tried again.

Sketches with a softer brush.

trying to detail two of them more. I know they could look better ^^" also correcting anatomy was ... well I tried. ^^

and variation! I've never done this before but I really liked this stage. (next time I'll try to make more differences)

And painting her. ^__^. I also threw in a rough color layer in the end:

So thats it for now. ^__^ thanks for viewing.



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